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Drive and Team Tabs Missing After Upgrade

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I just upgraded a single-server Zimbra 9 OSE using the latest zcs-9.0.0_ZEXTRAS_20221203.UBUNTU20_64.20221216110431.  (The previous version was zcs-9.0.0_ZEXTRAS_20220713.UBUNTU20_64.20220705100440.)

I had the Zimbra APT repos disabled.

The upgrade seemed to go well, and Zimbra seems to be functioning, however I do have these problems:


1) The Drive tab is missing in the Zimbra Web Console

2) The Team tab is missing in the Zimbra Web Console

3) Several add-on Zimlets caused errors in the Zimbra Web Console and had to be disabled

4) Zextras was broken after the upgrade and had to be reinstalled

5) The Zextras theme was missing after the upgrade and had to be reinstalled

6) All the CoS showed missing or incorrect Zimlets


I reran the OSE installer choosing to enable the Zimbra repos and it did not help.

I adjusted all the CoS to enable the Zextras Zimlets (including Drive and Team), but that did not help the ZWC.

I disabled the Zimbra APT repos again.

I updated the host OS (Ubuntu 20.04) and rebooted.

I stopped and restarted Zimbra.  All services seem to be running properly.

I tailed the mail.log and the zimbra.log and did not see any obvious problems.


How can I regain the Drive and Team tabs in the ZWC?

Thanks in advance,


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