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/sbin/ifconfig: not found

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I made a fresh install of Zimbra 9 on Ubuntu 18.04 and at the end of install, before running setup, I got:

Running Post Installation Configuration:
Operations logged to /tmp/zmsetup.20210609-161840.log
Installing LDAP configuration database...done.
Setting 1: /sbin/ifconfig: not found

I suppose it's trying to figure out the local IP address of the box, but now Ubuntu use iproute by default. I didn't know where to report this bug to so I'm writing it here.

Same for the ports conflict check, it now uses `ss` instead of `netstat`:

Checking for port conflicts
sh: 1: netstat: not found



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Hi maxxer,

one of the first thing I do when installing a new host is to yum install net-tools or apt install net-tools

so it allow plenty of old script to works on new platform.