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Upgrade to 9.0.0P20 : chat disapear

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The built-in chat disappeard after update. Impossible to activate anymore. No error message.

My installation is a single server, Ubuntu 18.04LTS 4vcpu 8Go Ram 100 Users.

In addition, we will buy Zextras suite soon. I've just installed the trial version after 9.0.0P20 update and deployed Zextras Team Zimlet. Once again, Zextras Team is invisible by my users. Service is correctly running and zimlet is correctly deployed. Any ideas please ?

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Fabio Knoll
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Hello Damien, 
thank you for taking interest in our products!

On our experience the most common reason that could be causing this behavior in your environment could be reverse proxy configuration, which can lead to WebSocket connectivity issues.

If that is the case please verify if your Domain configurations are properly set, it is possible to verify this in your environment by running the following command as zimbra user:

* `for dom in $(zmprov gad); do zmprov gd $dom zimbraPublicServiceProtocol zimbraPublicServiceHostname zimbraPublicServicePort; done`

The configuration can also be accessed and changed both on GUI and CLI:

* GUI Admin pannel through the menus Configure `>` Domains `>` Your Domain;
* CLI by running: `zmprov md DOMAIN.TDL zimbraPublicServiceProtocol PROTOCOL zimbraPublicServiceHostname HOSTNAME zimbraPublicServicePort PORT`

Please remember to substitute the uppercase values according to your needs, example:

* `zmprov md zimbraPublicServiceProtocol https zimbraPublicServiceHostname zimbraPublicServicePort 443`

If any changes are made to your domain configuration please regenerate the reverse proxy scripts with `/opt/zimbra/libexec/zmproxyconfgen` and finally restart the reverse proxy with `zmproxyctl restart` command.

Then clearing server cache with `zmprov fc all && zmprov fc zimlet` as a good practice.

And of course, please feel free to reach out to us through our Zendesk support platform, we will be happy to help!

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