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[Sticky] Welcome to Zimbra 9 Open Source build by Zextras

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When will Zimbra 9.0.0 OSE built by Zextras based on patch 38 be available?

It is likely that the P39 will be released soon. Do you plan to make all future patches available at least until the end of 2024?

We have many servers with Zextras Suite to maintain

We are planning the transition to Carbonio but in the meantime we need to keep the systems updated.

Thank you.


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Hello @gommatermica

We plan to create a new build that includes all the available patches. However, we are unsure about the timing of the release. Please note that this will be the last build of Zextras.

Best regards.

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Hi Arman

That's good news and thanks to everyone @ Zextras for the update. 🙂

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If its gonna be the last build of zimbra, does that mean that zextras will stop support for Zextras suite on Zimbra9 ?

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