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[Solved] Zextras Docs settings

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Please tell me how to change LDAP info.

I have two virtual machines.

A=mail.example.com(Zimbra9 by Zextras)

B=docs.example.com(Zextras Docs Server)

When I had installed Docs at first, I had been asked LDAP url and Password in wizard.

A and B are working well each other for several months.

But then, I have wanted to test CarbonioCE, and I removed A virtual machine, and I made clean OS environment, and finished Test Carbonio.(I wasn’t satisfied with Carbonio perfectly)

So I wanted to rebuild Zimbra9, and created clean OS environment for Zimbra9.

hostname and other settings are equal to ones before.

But LDAP password is not one before.yes of course, I think so.

I confirmed by zmlocalconfig command too.

On the other hand, B machine is Untouched.

How Should I change LDAP password?

I tried command below.

(#change the ldap connection settings)

zdocs --ldap-url ldap://docs.example.com/ --ldap-dn 'uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra' --ldap-pass newpassword

but output was too few arguments (Error message?) and in the end, I could not change LDAP info.

Please tell me.


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Sorry, I have solved myself 50%.

Correct command was 

zdocs --ldap-url ldap://docs.example.com/ --ldap-dn 'uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra' --ldap-pass newpassword ldap-write-config

add [ldap-write-config]

and test as bellow.

zdocs --ldap-url ldap://docs.example.com/ --ldap-dn 'uid=zimbra,cn=admins,cn=zimbra' --ldap-pass newpassword ldap-test

Result is O.K.

But in new A machine's web admin console, there is not [docs.example.com] in service list. It had been existed before...

How should I make known B machine to A machine.

B machine is invisible for A machine.

Please teach me how.Please..



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I'm sorry many times. I have solved myself.

Using zdocs write-local-server command.

Both server are inter-communicate each other.


Thank you.